Several countries require you to obtain a visa before entering the British Virgin Islands.

Nationals of several countries require a visa to enter the BVI.

These countries include:

•Afghanistan •Laos
•Albania •Lebanon
•Algeria •Liberia
•Angola •Libya
•Armenia •Macedonia
•Azerbaijan •Madagasgar
•Bahrain •Mali
•Belarus •Mauritania
•Benin •Maldova
•Bhutan •Mongolia
•Bosnia-Herzegovina •Morocco
•Burkina •Mozambique
 •Burundi •Myanmar
 •Burma •Nepal
 •Cambodia •Niger
 •Cameroon •Nigeria
 •Cape Verdi •Oman
 •Central African Republic •Pakistan
 •Chad •Palestine
 •China (except Hong Kong SAI) •Peru
 •Colombia •Philippines
 •Comoros •Qatar
 •Congo (Democratic Republic) •Russian Republic
 •Cuba •Rwanda
 •Djibouti •Sao Tome & Principle
 •Dominican Republic •Saudi Arabia
 •Egypt •Senegal
 •Equatorial Guinea •Slovakia
 •Eritrea •Somalia
 •Ethiopia •Sudan
 •Gabon •Surinam
 •Georgia •Syria
 •Guinea •Taiwan (for purposes other than tourism and buisness)
 •Guyana •Thailand
 •Haiti •Togo
•Indonesia •Turkey
 •Iran •Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus
 •Iraq •Turkmenistan
 •Israel •Ukraine
 •Ivory Coast •United Arab Emirates
 •Jamaica (effective 1st April 2007) •Uzbekistan
 •Jordan •Vietnam
 •Kazakhstan •Yemen
 •Kyrgyztan •Yugoslavia
 •Korea (North) •Zaire

Visa Waiver for Taiwanese:

On 3rd April, 2012, the Honourable Premier and Minister of Finance issued a statement that visas are no longer required for Taiwanese passport holders who wish to visit the BVI for less than six (6) months as tourists, family visitors, business travellers and student visitors. For all other categories, the usual visa requirements will apply. The Premier noted that the British Virgin Islands already has a substantial international business engagement with the Asian region, so exploring into the tourism market is a natural transition. He further stated that beside tourism, the lifting of restrictions will also allow the British Virgin Islands and Taiwan to explore other economic and cultural opportunities. The BVI is the 125th country or region to grant visa-free entry or landing visas to Taiwanese passport holders.

*** Revised 3rd April 2012


To apply for the visa to enter the British Virgin Islands please visit your nearest British Embassy, High Commision or Consulate. If you are in a region where that is not possible please contact the British Virign Islands Passport Office.

Civil Registry & Passport Office
P.O. Box 3199
Road Town, Tortola  VG1110
British Virgin Islands
Phone: (284) 468 3048
Fax: (284) 468 3182





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