Arts & Culture

Immerse yourself in the British Virgin Islands’ rich traditions, shaped by nautical trade and leisure, musical artistry and the blending of cultures over centuries. 

Mount Healthy National Park

(284) 494-2069 The 18th century windmill located at Mount Healthy, belonged to the area's wealthiest planner. Slaves harvested and processed raw cane into ...
North Shore Shell Museum
Carrot Bay A cluttered museum in Carrot Bay, with thousands of shells on display, as well as boats and various crafts.
Old Government House
Road Town
284-494-4091 The recently refurbished Old Government House, a national landmark, was once the governor's residence. It is now a public museum open Monday...
RMS Rhone Marine Park

(284) 494-2069 The Rhone was a 310’ Royal Mail Ship that was dashed against the rocks off Salt Island during an 1867 hurricane. Now a National Park, its ...
Road Town Methodist Church
Road Town
(284) 494-2198 The wall of the present chapel was rebuilt and dedicated in 1926 after the previous structure was destroyed by hurricane. Regular services a...
Saba Rock Nautical Museum & Gift Shoppe
North Sound
(284) 495-7711 Owned by renowned diver Bert Kilbride, the museum showcases artefacts from the wreck of The Rhone, as well as other shipwrecks. Unique jewel...
Save the Seed Energy Centre

(284) 494-7353 The Energy Centre is a one of a kind recreational complex in the Caribbean.
St. Phillips Anglican Church
Kingston Constructed in 1840, St. Phillips is said to be the first church built for liberated Africans in all the Americas and it will undergo a co...
Virgin Islands Folk Museum
Penn House, British Virgin Islands
(284) 494-3701 EXT. 5005
VI Maritime Museum
HLSCC Marine Centre, British Virgin Islands
(284) 852-7169
The Copper Mine
The Copper Mine, British Virgin Islands
(284) 494-2069
Zion Hill Chapel
Zion Hill Chapel, British Virgin Islands
Vigilant, British Virgin Islands
Thornton Plantation
Thornton Plantation, British Virgin Islands
Sunday Morning Well
Sunday Morning Well, British Virgin Islands
St. Phillips Anglican Church
St. Phillips Anglican Church, British Virgin Islands
Sir Olva Georges Plaza
Sir Olva Georges Plaza, British Virgin Islands
Little Fort National Park
Little Fort National Park, British Virgin Islands
(284) 494-2069
Saba Rock Nautical Museum & Gift Shoppe
Saba Rock Resort, British Virgin Islands
(284) 495-7711
Britannic Hall
Britannic Hall, British Virgin Islands
1780 Lower Estate Sugar Works
1780 Lower Estate Sugar Works, British Virgin Islands
(284) 494-9206
Callwood Rum Distillery
Callwood Rum Distillery, British Virgin Islands
The Dungeon (Fort Purcell)
The Dungeon, British Virgin Islands
Road Town Methodist Church
Road Town Methodist Church, British Virgin Islands
(284) 494-2198
RMS Rhone Marine Park
RMS Rhone, British Virgin Islands
(284) 494-2069
Old Government House
Old Government House, British Virgin Islands
North Shore Shell Museum
North Shore Shell Museum, British Virgin Islands
The Noel Lloyd/ Positive Action Movement Park
The Noel Lloyd / P.A.M. Park, British Virgin Islands
Mount Healthy National Park
Mount Healthy National Park, British Virgin Islands
(284) 494-2069
Jost Van Dyke Preservation Society
Jost Van Dyke Preservation Society, British Virgin Islands
(284) 540-0861
Josiah's Bay Plantation
Josiah's Bay Plantation, British Virgin Islands
Her Majesty’s Prison
Her Majesty’s Prison, British Virgin Islands
Fort Burt
Fort Burt, British Virgin Islands
Save the Seed Energy Centre
Duff's Bottom, British Virgin Islands
(284) 494-7353