Turn vacations into immersive experiences at resorts in the BVI. You can count on a stay that comes with amenities and activities designed to inspire, intrigue and cater to your every whim.

Bitter End Yacht Club
North Sound, Virgin Gorda
(284) 494-2745

Bitter End Yacht Club is the Caribbean's premiere luxury water sports resort, hosting family fun vacations, romantic getaways, and idylli...

Guana Island

(212) 482-6247

Guana Island is an 850 acre private island in the Caribbean boasting seven breathtaking beaches, magnificent snorkelling, sailing, kayaki...

Guavaberry Spring Bay Holiday Homes
Spring Bay, Virgin Gorda
(284) 495-5227

If you were wondering where to stay for a relaxing Caribbean vacation getaway, Guavaberry Spring Bay Vacation Homes on Virgin Gorda, Brit...

Mango Bay Resort
Mahoe Bay, Virgin Gorda
(284) 495-5672

It is a small villa rental resort, residing along a long sandy beach nestled between pristine waters and tropical surroundings.

Marina Cay
Marina Cay
(284) 494-2174

There are few places like Marina Cay. The flower covered, eight-acre island is ringed by a soft, white sand beach. The island is nestled ...

Necker Island Resort
Necker Island
(212) 994-3070

Necker Island is an exclusive Private Island that caters to a maximum of 28 guests. During celebration weeks, the island is sold by room ...

Oil Nut Bay
North Sound, Virgin Gorda

On the eastern tip of Virgin Gorda lies a place where life is spent in perfect harmony with the ocean tides, and attention to detail and ...

Peter Island Resort
Peter Island
(284) 495-2000 or (800) 346-4451

All around you, in the quietude of this private Eden, there is beauty to behold, majestic vistas painted by the sun and sky, accompanied ...

Rosewood Little Dix Bay
Little Dix Bay, Virgin Gorda
(284) 495-5555

The timeless boutique resort on Virgin Gorda offers tranquility found nowhere else in the Caribbean. Little Dix rewards its discerning gu...